Transformational Life Coaching with Larisa Stow
About Larisa
    "Hold an image of the life you want, and that image will become fact." Norman Vincent Peale

    Loving life begins with a wish, a dream, an inner knowing and then acting on that until it becomes reality.

    I believe that God gives us dreams to shine a light on our souls purpose.  They illuminate the gifts we were given to serve others with a full heart. 

    The greatest leaders and sages know this and utilize practices and disciplines to align them with the divine and their soul's purpose.  I call these practices Core Support Systems (see the FAQS page for clarification). 

    Inspired by the greatest leaders and teachers such as Gandhi, Yogananda, Ammachi and Martha Beck I have adopted these practices and have experienced the transformational affects.  I am deeply grateful that so many of my dreams have become reality.  I had a dream of becoming an inspirational singer, songwriter, making albums, touring, taking people on life changing retreats to exotic places, teaching yoga, leading playshops, creating a sacred world music station, catalyzing others to follow the call of their soul, creating a foundation to bring messages of peace and transformation into prisons, jails, and detention centers. All of the above have manifested one by one over time beginning first with an inner call.  It materialized into reality as I said yes and walked towards that vision one step at a time. 

    I have seven publicly released albums. My album "Reaching In" charted as high as #6 on the New Age Charts and has had major radio airplay and can be heard regularly on satellite and Sirus/XM Radio. My band Shakti Tribe and I tour consistently and perform at many festivals and consciousness raising events around the world. Since 2008 I have taken multiple groups on transformational journeys to Bali Indonesia. I am a certified yoga instructor and Cloud 9 Yoga faculty member, teaching for almost 20 years. I have studied mantra and trained with Thomas Ashley Farrand, Sounds True artist and author of "Healing Mantras", and lead mantra and other transformational playshops year round. I co-founded, a free internet based radio station. I am a certified NLP coach and trained under Niurka, a world renowned expert in NLP. I also have been through the Landmark Education curriculum and coached participants in the Self-expression and Leadership program. I have studied with the fabulous Life Coach expert and world famous author Martha Beck, learning an abundance of Life Coaching tools to share with my clients. I am a Reiki practitioner and had the honor to train under legendary Hawayo Tekata. I am also a graduate of the University of Southern California majoring in humanities with an emphasis in drama.

    Transformational Life Coaching with Larisa Stow
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